Thursday, August 31, 2006

Apollo Is Over!!!

Good Job Everybody!!! Both Bars have been found

The Refugees hide a bar here on our site. That bar was found by thisguypossessed!

Here is what he had to do. The clue sent you to Howard the Dolphin. Who on a post from August 22 had made a strange comment.

If you translate the Binary in Howards Message you got this in return

Howard here,

Told you this would not be the last time you heard from me.
To get the password you need to post on the comments in the Golden Ticket post.

Post your Email and then this phrase.
"I'm looking for Howard the Dolphin"

I'll get ahold of you with the password.

Once you posted the message howard sent you an email with the password: a5g236db1ikfg1234567

Put that in the encrypted file and got yourself this ticket.

The second Golden Ticket was hidden by DocArtz over at The Lost Experience!
Our good friends hid the address in bold on the site. When you collected all the bolded information you go the address. and low and behold the second ticket!

Several Refugees pulled together to find it but in the end it was Bubbles that got the email through.

Congragulations to our winners Howard will be getting in contact with you on where to send your Apollo Chocolate Bars!!!

Do you have a golden Ticket?

Ok Everybody...Here is the rules of the game. The refugees have have hidden golden tickets on some of our friends sites. There are two. Only...Two.

So Search the sites and find your ticket. As soon as you do email the code on the right of the ticket to This Email Account

First to discover each golden ticket wins. Now I'll give you a hint to each one.

First hint: This guy knows whats up!

As for the second golden ticket all you have to do is click here. And the ticket is yours....

The password for the ticket a different story. The file is encrypted with over a 2048 bit encryption. Even Persephone would have a hard time with that one. Hope you read Trilogies


Ok. Did we make it to hard? Here I'll help a little.

Here is another hint for each. I'll point you in the right direction. Here are some of my close friends
Howard the Dolphin
and of course DocArtz

of course you will have to rely on more then my clues.... Remember Past Experiences and play of that way...the way to find one object might just lead you to another one..

and yet another clue. This however this is one of the last time I will COMMENT about it. Remember my friend Howard? He still lurks around...and he might have some information for you. You can't break the you'll need to find the password.

58 & 59 Released

59 found in the real world, Australia.... 5xw3o

-- apparently the end of the Sri Lanka Vid! Disturbing! Rachel is found out! Good thing we know she got away!

Now let's find 58! ROT updated last is the clue there?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tick Tac Toe Three in a Row......

The Fragment code is OUDW is brought to us via Ninja. All you need to know is he is sick of these Mother#(&#@!in snakes on this Mother(#@&(@@ Plane!! It has Mittlewerk and his usual human compasion

Then we have 307L97BDB9 Brought to us from our girl rachel over at her blog. The number 57 is your key here. Its a mittlewerk clip...of disturbing size.

Then next one is NARVIK. It was found on the monster site. Sorry Refugees you where sooooooo close!

Getting even closer to the end!!

Thanx Nick123 for the heads up!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fragment Code "IRZ7"

Fragment Code "IRZ7" would be the next fragment code. We are getting close to completion!

This one has Mittlewerk saying, "more or less, people succumb, we have failed."

Must be talking about the virus. Seems to me Mittlewerk is infecting a virus into the tribes he mentioned earlier and is testing his vaccine for those viruses on his subjects.

Thanx Boo Boo Kitty!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Monster of a Glyph

The new EW sends you to Take the survey at the bottom of the page and click on the image.

It will take you to Hanso Exposed. New Code is Tropics

EDIT: It's official Apollo at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA per Speaker.

Says: "If that one doesn't go well - I will be there to lay some smack down?" You gettem Speaker!

51 & 52 Released 51 Already Found 52 Now Too

Looks like another busy day ahead! Something woke me up and lo, what do I find a new frag released! And then I discover it's been found already too!


Go here: and click on the lost link. I'm going to say right now that it matches up directly after me you'll see!

Transcription: "The research is intended to do nothing less than to save the world as we know it."

Now let's get 52! Well too late now for that kids, it's been found already too!

Look here: go to the bottom of the page and hover your'll see it.


Transcript: Alvar says: "A radio trasnmitter has also been erected on the island."

Also, this frag goes directly in front of VACCINE for all you sequencers out there!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lostnuts, our hero!

It is written that Prometheus scaled the highest mountain, and stole fire from the gods. Bringing new light to the mortals of the world!

Now...another has joined his ranks. Like the mighty prometheus before her Lostnuts has gone to distant lands...braved storms and rabbid lost fans to bring to us....


*que dramatic music*

Now Lostnuts went through alot to bring us this so she gets the ROTM! Make sure to thank her for all the work she did to bring us these!

How many Apollo bars did Lostnuts get? Good Question...

Keep looking back here tomorrow as we will have a way you can get your very own Apollo candy bar! We want to make sure everybody gets a chance to upload their images on Where is Alvar

Alot has happened today Refugees!

The new launch of Where is Alvar went live. Turns out you have to get the candy bar and take your picture. Hanso HATES candy bars I guess.

On top of that new glyphs have appeared!


We are so close Refugees. Get those candy bars and get your picture taken!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We found another one!

0UJ2 Would be the code..

Found over at Station 4 in the UK
Scroll down through the videos to "Burn a hole through the heart of the foundation".
Rachels Little Sign off.. and the glyph is located there

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lot's Going On Today Refugees!

The hack at TLE has revealed a new glyph, FRXRUK9TQ

New domain opened this morning at TLE, and revealed what appeared to be a blank page, ahhh but there was thelock.gif posted there. Taking the light/contrast clues Grendel left us when you adjusted the contrast the glyph above was revealed. Nice job by TLE hosting the hunt!

Next new flickr image tagged ekalblehcar here:
This revealed binary text that our own Cole worked his magic on, but alas wasn't first with the entire thing...we still love ya for the effort Cole!

Translation: THF has managed to track the posting pattern I have been using for the Sri Lanka video, I guess the upload feed randomizer is not as fullproof as I thought. may no longer be the hosting site. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted. RB

Thanks to nanny for getting this to the blog in quick fashion!

Well now, that opens a whole new can of WORMS!
What will become of our frags now! Some have questioned the viability of this, we shall see, we shall see.

If that wasn't enough, the day started with a bang when we all got an email titled "The fight's still alive" from Rachel!


Now we are off and running to figure out what Rachel wants us to see at
Tom has an idea about that...we'll see if it comes to fruition!

The Next Glyph on Valenzetti

This Glyph was found on The Valenzettie Equation Website

The code is 25kocjs6s6. Tricky...its hidden in the equation in the background around the same time the old glyph flashes on the screen. So watch it scoll by

Monday, August 21, 2006

Refugees Asseeeemble!!

Refugees. Next step. Our Friends over at The Lost Experience seem to have an Issue with a hacker on there site. This can not be stood for!

It seems our newly found hacker has been leaving cryptic messages and messing around with their header files. We need to go to their site and help them figure out what these messages mean. Get your Ideas...Collect them....and then post them at TLE

So get your thinking caps on and make sure to post at The Lost Experience!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Latest HE code: vaccine

New blogs at ROT. BroadBrandBeatnik confesses to putting up Mittlewerk vid, but also indicates he's working for 'her'.

Goes on to say:
BroadBandBeatnik 11:06am
Why don't you take a tour and instead of reading into things, listen for a change.
Fiberoptician 11:07am
Yeah DSL, listen for a change.
DSLerator 11:15am
I'm humbled and humiliated. so if you go here and click on the drive in movie speaker you will hear the new code. has added new distribution locations and dates! Whoo Hoo! AND moved up the timetable!!!!! I get to go to one!!!!!!!!! Dallas on Sept. 6, hahahahaha [total evil laugh]

Maybe you do too! Here is the latest list of Dates and location's thanks to Gretna-Dragon

August 24 6-10pm New York City, Central Park, Summer Stage
August 24 Seattle Merrymoor Park
August 24 & August 25 Minneapolis, Minnesota State Fair
August 25 Washingont D.C. Tyson's Corner, Center Mall
August 25 Inianapolis, West Park
August 27 New York City, NYC 1/2 Marathon
August 29, September 5 & September 19 @ 7:00pm Santa Monica, CA - Santa Monica Drive In @ the Pier
August 29 Portland, Maine Mill Creek Park
September 2 Harrisburg, PA Kipona Festival, Riverfront Park & City Island
September 6 Dallas, TX (tenative)
September 8 Lexington, KY , Jacobson Park
September 15 & September 16 Memphis, TN Cooper Young Festival

Also, YouTube vid here:

is causing quite the stir. Seems the sign language portion of the vid does not correspond to the audio. Folks at TLEC been working the dickens out of it and here is the translation to the best of their knowledge at this time. Sound like something else may be happening at these distribution locals! You tell us what the heck you think it means!

"Several members of the community {TLEC} have been working tirelessly at translating the sign language. Here is a summary of what Trace, Kinetic, PhD, Pilferk, and KJ came up with:

DISCLAIMER: Because of low video quality and the non-clarity/bad grammar of the signer (even to the "experts") and the fact that we couldn't see his face (important in sign language), this is a general consensus but not the end-all, be-all answer. There are some areas where translators have amicably disagreed, so we've used parentheses to show other possibilities.

"I am Mel, friend of Rachel. (Friend of Rachel - I sell Apollo Candy.) Apollo Candy conned Mittlewerk (or vice-versa) into having chemists run tests on...[unclear finger spelling]. Hackett found something important, but Mittlewerk wouldn't allow the results to be given to the competition (he hates the competition), they had a huge argument, and Hackett took...[more unclear fingerspelling] and found a new person to give the information to, who will distribute it. (something about giving away, reference to apollo bar giveaway?) I have to warn (help) people."

And still have 2 undiscovered glyphs out there with Jeep and Verizon ads appearing in People magazine, and EW. Keep looking WE GOT WORK TO DO!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

New glyph found in..........Sydney......*heavy sigh*....

Imagine that. Anyway, here it is.



Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Any Refugee with a MySpace account should check it please. Look in the Forums of the RBR group

Monday, August 14, 2006

Update on HE

We have some Updates. The glyphs just keep on coming


That Should be all the Glyph Codes we have for now..I'll post more later as they are released

keep listening

Edited 8/18 to add to keep this list of glyphs current...

Friday, August 11, 2006

New Sublymonal Ad

Next one!

GMIWRLHHNHM Would be the code

No image yet..

Don't forget Dj Dan!!!

New Glyph! We now have 33 of 34!

Well here it is! And Kudos to TLEC for making this a true glyph "hunt" !! The admins at TLEC got a glyph from Rachel and instead just "spoonfeeding" it as many are complaining about, made a real hunt of it!

First I, and I will take credit here, haha, found a message on Sit on a Monkey advising that something would happen today. Next, there's a link under Monkey Business that says Don't Sit on Me. That takes you to a new Save Joop site here: Several areas are highlighted including a commercial which takes you here: at YouTube and the video is Glyphs Can Be Fun. And lo and behold a t-shirt with a glyph is the star of the show. LOL, David admin of TLEC might tell you different...yes that is him! But, there is never a CLEAR shot of that T-Shirt! So at the end of the vid we see their mascot Mofar and their Web address...but wait myspace randomempire appear in writing. So off to MySpace we go! Check the new blog "Crafted Gnome".

There were two ways to get the code per the solved anagrams. Either "put together the pics" or "find us for code". Wow, missed out on that one! I'm close to Dallas and might have been able to meet with David and get HIS shirt! Oh well, next time!

Pictures were e-mailed out to the top 10 commenters at TLEC that had parts of the code in them. They diligently worked and I might add.. shared.. what they had received and were working on. Thanks Thrasher for stopping by and giving us refugees a 'heads up' of what was happening!

While one group continued to find all the pieces, the search went on WHO could make an attempt to "find" an admin for the code. It was Lena that made the trek in Oregon to find an admin and literally "got the shirt off his back"!! She managed to get it back before the "puzzle" of the pics could be solved. Way to go Lena!! She in turn gave Main the code to input into HE while she graciously uploaded pics for us all.

Thanks for really trying to make this glyph a hunt! Maybe sometime soon Rachel will trust the Refugees enough to send us one, lol, and we'll see if we can make it as interesting!

Looks like '29' has yet to be go glyph hunters, go!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

31 of 32 now. Most recent found in (dramatic pause)....

.......Australia!! Imagine THAT!! Another "planted" glyph? Good God!! Anyway, here's the link.

r3pux4 would be the code.

We found it over at ninjas blog.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Next Glyphs

e2ll1z5e would be the code.

We found it over at speakers blog as well.

We found the Code on in her links. Click the words Sri Lanka link to see the new glyph. The video fragment is of Mr. Beardy saying "was the Valenzetti Equation". Which we Totally needed this clip really helps us out!!! *end sarcasm*

then there is this

Thanks to Thrasher!!!

the code is 5be. With that we only have one more to find I believe

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New glyph found! 30 total available, 29 found!!


Found on Rachel's blog, just under the old glyph. Roll your cursor over the blank space and it will "appear".

Image Hosted by

Here at Rachels Old Blog

More shocking info found........sort of...

We were given the "NANITE" glyph before that came from a Sprite ad in one of the magazines. When you type "NANITE" in at everyone's "favorite",, you get all the circling pictures to flash the glyph! And the crazy/annoying computer lady talks about FLICKR!!!! So, we're led to FLICKR, ladies and gentlemen...........after some research (searching, etc), we have the following:

LEHCAREKALB'S PHOTOS!!!! and for those of us not paying attention or that may be a little "slow" this morning, "lehcarekalb" is an anagram for *dun-dun-duuuuuunnn*........"RACHEL BLAKE"!!!!

So, now we have a FLICKR page called, basically....."RACHEL BLAKE'S PHOTOS"!!

When put together, the pieces form this MEMORANDUM:


TO: Dr. HackettApollo Candy
FROM: G. DownsEngineering Development CenterAtlanta, GA
Date: July 21, 2004

RE: Test Study

Dr. Hackett,

Initial research shows release of the psychotropic compound to bea success. The acid and flavoring agents of the beverage disguise thetaste. More tests are necessary to reach optimum viral spread. My supe-riors are eager for you to join our effort, once you have extricatedyourself from your current situationn.



Monday, August 07, 2006

Letters from the Rafts of Refugees

Alright everybody,

This Post starts our email campaign to get some answers from dj dan. Below is an email I need you to send copies of to this email address

Maybe if we send enought he will mention our names and answer our questions!! Email him as many times as you can!!

As we will be making changes to the email for spelling and grammar make sure that before you send it out you hit refresh on your browser window...and have the latest copy

------------Begin Email--------------------

Dear DJ Dan,

Let me start by saying how much we enjoy your broadcasts. We have learned a lot about the world through your keen eyesight into the surroundings we see every day. When you said you where taking questions for your live podcast we thought we would toss a few your way.

First of all we have hundreds of questions, as any good ConspiraSpy should. However we came to realize that even though we have come to rely on you for information and updates we know little about you or Tanya. What started you two in all of this? Why do you feel the need to shut down the man? What stake does Tanya have in all this? These are all questions that came to mind. Have you or Tanya ever worked for Hanso or Widmore inc. or do you have informants inside said entities? How do you get the content for your site….such as the glyphs both on the links and in your merchandise section? The Thomas Mittlewerk video’s for that matter? What do you know about Dharma and the shark on your site? All these questions popped up when we tried to figure out what you’re all about. Why do you put all your trust and faith in the general population to shut down the man while you yourself remain in constant hiding?

We realize that some things can’t be disclosed for security reasons but we do have some legit questions. You have glyphs so you obviously are aware of Have you seen the film 100% through? If so what can you tell us about it? You got the glyphs from some place; do you have contact with Rachel Blake? Is she safe? Alive? Why have we heard so little from her since was released? Is there any physical or digital way we can help Rachel out? Rachel seems to think we can find clues in the book “Bad Twin.” Do you believe that to be true as well?

And lastly….We have heard of the Vallenzetti Equation before. Is the Valenzetti an equation for predicting the end of the world or an equation to "tell" us what to change, so PREVENT the end in your opinion??

We thank you for taking the time to read our email. And we hope to hear from you soon. Be safe and good luck in shutting down the man! We are behind you 100%

(insert your name here), a member of the Rachel Blake Refugees at

P.S. If it is getting to be to much the refugees would be more then happy to hide a glyph or two for you or Rachel anytime!!

-----------End Email----------------

Dj Dan....and Friday the 11th!

Dj Dan has Updated his entry...

Who loves ya?
When DJ Dan promises more details he sure as heckfire gives em!
1) Do you have a question that's burned a hole through your brain, trashed your limbic system and kept the ole ticker ramped up to 8000 RPMs? Well, my poor ConspiraSpy, DJ Dan takes pity on your plight! If your question is good... no, GREAT, I will answer it LIVE LIVE LIVE on my Friday, August 11th show! So, get cracking! Send those emails to!

2) The live show will be on 8/11 at 11 PM Pacific Standard Time, ConspiraSpies!
But, DJ Dan, you ask, where do I tune my interweb browsing software? And when? How do I HEAR THE SHOW??? Sorry kids... you know as well as I that the EYES OF THE MAN are constantly sweeping, searching for good ole DJ Dan. And I ain't gonna let em shut me down!

But, I gotta compromise. The TRUTH is too IMPORTANT to HIDE! So, twelve hours before the show, and not a minute sooner, I'll release the final details. Risky? You bet. But it's the best I can do to throw those loonybirds off the trail.
Til Friday!

If you wish to email dj dan you can do it at this email address. Send those messages and he just may reply to them LIVE!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Number 28 Has Been Found

Kudo's to angrygirl27 for scanning and sending us the picture!


Well not really a proper glyph per the game description! But here is a close up of the photo so you can see the code...notice it is upside down in the pic.

Located in People Magazine. The page opposite of an article about Speaker's blog is a Sublymonal ad. On the Sprite can is the word "NANITE"

Points given to Boonesghost for giving us a 1997 article about new Sprite can and saying:

"They left out the part about a mysterious symbol and cryptic code on the cans ! "

If Boonesghost only knew how close he was to the truth, LOL! Hey, how did you know?!

The frag is Mittlewerk saying:

"Our operatives at the VIK Institute have verified this figure."

UPDATE: SAVE JOOP has posted they will be going to Phase 2, Plan B THIS THURSDAY, August 10th. This is an update to their plans to go to Zanzibar 8/27. I have sent a message to 'administrator' at TLEC, per his request on the site!

Something happening THURSDAY Refugees! Keep your eyes open!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Numbers 27 and 28

Number 27 was located over at dj dans site


Very Tricky!!!

I am unaware that glyph 28 has been found

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Number 26

The Code is e82kni8l

We found it at speakers...we didn't have an image so from here on out I am using this glyph as a place holder till the real glyphs are found...

That puts us up to 26. Almost halfway there!

Glyphs found (#23, #24 and #25).

#23 was VOU8VPNPS5X. "Found" by Matt the Pale (Comicbook post, via Lost Ninja).......convenient.

#24 was 750nzf8x. Found on a UK mobile site.

#25 was NZ59. Found on Lostpedia.

*YAWN*...............*STRE------TCHES*........*smacks lips and goes back to sleep in hammock*.....


Also we have a new tshirt!!

Just kidding the shirt is copyrighted...and not to RBR. So sorry guys...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Go find what you missed...also buy shirts.

The Store Has been Updated with new tshirt designs...also the backs of some of the t-shirts now have our logo and the phrase "Namaste this Brotha!" as requested from the refugees

Here is the image that is displayed on the Hagbard Keyboard Shirts

Now as for the List
So, how bout those glyphs? Huh?

Everyone pretty much thinks the same thing about the glyphs - "F&$@ them." But each piece brings us that much closer to learning something cool.

Who is this bearded guy? Valenzetti? A Widmore? Alvar Hanso himself? Or perhaps some so far unknown person of power?

How did Rachel get out of this one? Will we find out about the SPIDER PROTOCOL? What's so special about Sri Lanka and WHAT'S up with all the quarantined wards on the "Helgus Antonius?"

The only way to find out is to keep on hunting!

So, to help keep people from looking where we've already traveled, here's a list of working glyphs:

1. 7HKBH - This one is found as soon as you pull up Hanso Exposed.

2. RRGYXS - Once Hanso Exposed is pulled up, click "instructions" to find this one.

3. 4HO - This was a one time deal on Damon Lindelof's wrist at Comic-Con.

4. 88CH - Ditto on Carlton Cuse's wrist.

5. VDADOS7YRE0 - Ditto on Bryan Burk's wrist.

6. OHGE - Ditto on Jorge Garcia's wrist.

7. 1EY8AZCZNA2 - Ditto on Daniel Dae Kim's wrist.

8. 748L - This one was posted by Rachel herself on her blog.

9. FVH7N - This one was posted by me. I got it in my mail via an untraceable address and decided to hide it behind a picture of a Nega-Speaker.

10. 3GTVI0M11 - This one was posted by Entertainment Weekly's own Doc Jensen.

11. IG3X - This one was found within Channel 4's "Maternity Leave" podcast.

12. 4KVKLAYDM0 - This is the mysterious CatsEye glyph - I'm doing a bit of bribing and I might actually have the location later tonight. Now, all I have is "MAYBE" somewhere here. (beware, they're ahead of both the UK and Australia.)

13. GMX18BCJ - This was found on DJ Dan's links page.

14. XIGZ2Y10S2 - This one is located on Rachel's fake travel blog.

15. 3ZGT - This was found at the Fuselage Diary.

16. M6XY398 - This one was found on a flier by The Lost Ninja.

17. ZY6C - I again received an untraceable e-mail. This time I decided to have a little fun. I dropped a little message at the end of Reader Mail 12:

"Eighth moon of the Monkey thrice before.
A voice from the Middle knows much more."

The 8th month of the year of the Monkey three times ago is August 1980. A voice from the Middle is Javier Grillo-Marxuach, writer for the MIDDLEMan and Medium. His voice can also be heard at his blog. The only post on his blog in August of 1980 is this one posted at 8:15 a.m.:

"A single post here has the next rhyme.
The numbers will help you. Do you have the time?"

The link takes us to the Fuselage. If you click on any single post and change the URL from p=### to p=815 (the time of the Javi post) it takes you to this post:

"You've come this far, don't give up now
Solve this anagram and you won't drown.


The anagram works out to javiminions dot com which takes us to the site of the same name. If you highlight the entire page, you find this hidden text:

"In Round-Up number three,
click what's still a mystery."

This then took us to my third ever Weekly Round-Up. Then all you have to do is click on the infamous Hole2 image!

It's as simple as that!

18. RGMR - This frag was in The Other Girl's blog. Click here and then click "R." Look for "Rachel Blake."

19. 7ti - This one's in the US LOST Magazine - Issue 6.

20. RXMHJH9Y - And this one's in the UK LOST Magazine - Issue 6.

21. VIX7ZXT97 - Found in the latest podcast

22. 89rmcocdc6d - Was found at

And we have 22...only 937,249,207,439,021,094 to go!

Here is Glyph 22

For those who can't read it the code is 89rmcocdc6d
I found it over at

Is it just me or is this dragging on a bit???
I mean it is totally worth it to find the codes but dang!
enough is enough...

However our Friend Dj Dan Has made an addition to his Podcasts.....looks like fun friday!!

oh...and Joop is sitting over by the happy tree