Friday, October 20, 2006


I have to say...I'm diggin' the new season so far. I like the way they are giving each section of the island their own episode and although the first episode ROCKED, this one was good in an Oliver Stone kinda way...Trippy!

It's back to the hatch! Another eye-opening beginning of Locke....Wait...I'm getting deja'vu....wasn't Jack found in the exact same position?? co-inky-dink or fate? decide. Locke awakens immediately to a very naked Desmond running thru the jungle but Locke is mute and cannot call out. A crack is heard and Locke narrowly misses getting cracked himself by Mr. Eko's Jesus stick! BTW...the stick has a new messages scribed..."Lift up your eyes and look North". A very determined Locke comes back to the beach and starts ripping down his hut and heads out to Eko's church. He relays to Charlie that he has to speak to the Island and invites Charlie to guard his "sweat lodge".........Let the flashback begin!

On an old country road in the pouring rain, a much more mellow, hippie looking Locke in an old pick-up, picks up a hitchhiker named "Eddie" with a past Locke can relate to. After being stopped by a cop and finding a shit load of legally registered guns in the back of the truck, Eddie tells the cop that Locke is his uncle and Locke, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, takes Eddie back to his ...Commune? A beautiful peach orchard complete with it's very own sweat lodge and resident hippies...Jan and Mike. After six weeks of communal bliss, Eddie starts getting nosy and wants in on whatever is in the greenhouse. Locke says he'll talk to Jan and Mike. Well, apparently Jan and Mike are too busy with running their weed farm to have not figured out for 6 weeks that Eddie is a cop. (Dang...did ya see all that weed?!!) Jan and Mike are closing up shop when a cornfused Locke comes in and figures out that yet again...he is a sucker. He swears he's gonna make it right and takes Eddie out for a little hunting ;) But we all know Locke doesn't have the balls to kill Eddie.

Back on the Island, Locke customs builds his own sweat lodge complete with sauna like steam and whips up a batch of magic mush and BAM...Hello Boone! (what's up with his hair?) ...Start the trippy dream sequence music:

Boone tells Locke that it's good to see him again and Locke who is still mute tries to apologize but Boone sarcastically tells him that HE was the sacrafice the Island demanded and then tells Locke he will be able to talk when he has something worth saying. Boone explains that he is there to help Locke bring the family back together again. Locke tries to get up but can't and Boon tells him he will need the wheelchair. Cut to the airport... As Boone is pushing Locke thru the airport, he tells Locke that someone in here is in serious danger and only he can save him. First we see Claire, Charlie and Aaron who appear to be married by the looks of the ring on Claire's finger and they look happy. Boone says that it's not them and that they'll be fine... for a while. Next up is Jin, Sun and Sayid standing in the check- in line....Boone says that Sayid's got it. Next is Hurley who is working behind the counter checking in customers and punching those damned numbers into the computer. Locke is told that it's not Hurley. There is Desmond as a Pilot with a trio of hot Flight Attendants but Boone says he's helping himself right now. Now we see Kate and Saywer together in line for sequrity while Jack is being wanded by BEN!! Locke nearly falls out of his chair but Boone tells him that there is nothing he can do for them, not yet, first he has to clean up his own mess. We then see Boone calling for Locke at the top of the escalators. Locke drags his sorry ass to the top to find a bloodied Jesus stick and Boone who looks like he was mauled?? Boone again tells Locke to clean it up...they've got don't have a lot of time and then Locke snaps out of his pasty trip. Who has Eko? The Others?? Aaaahhhh...WTF? Was that a friggin' polar bear? The first words that Locke utters is I'm going to save Mr. Eko's life. Locke and Charlie set out to find Eko and along the way, they see what is left of the imploded hatch, they get chased by a polar bear and run into Hurley who informs them of what happened. They track Eko to a cave....a polar bear cave... and one very pissed off bear lives there. Locke makes a hairspray flame thrower, the bear runs away and Locke saves Eko.

Hurley runs into a still naked Desmond and loans him a shirt. Desmond explains what happened with the fail safe key and Hurley tells him what happened to Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Desmond tells Hurley not to worry...Locke will save them...he said so in his speech. Hurley's like...huh? Apparently Desmond's bell must still be ringing.

Back at the beach Hurley once again explains what happened on the dock. Locke makes a speech that assures everyone that he will find a way to save them and bring the family back together again. Wait...I'm having Deja' is Hurley and he looks a little freaked! Like I said...Trippy!

Friday, October 06, 2006

....And were off!

Ok now, tell the truth. How many of you had to pick your jaws up off the floor?? That was the finest 3 to 4 minutes of Lost...EVER

How clever to yet again start the season with an eye shot only to pan back and discover newcomer Juliet playing CD's, burning muffins and entertaining a book club. After a few moments of playful banter (at the expense of someone named Ben) the walls shake violently and everyone remembers their earthquake survival skills training and heads for the doorway. At this point, I was truely saying WTF?? My bewilderment was instantly met with shock horror when out of one of the houses pops Henry Gale aka Ben! As everyone runs out of their tidy little houses with their manicured lawns, all eyes go to the sky. Why do they look like they are waiting for something? OMG! The plane! Our plane! Oceanic Flight815, breaking in half, in mid air over a little TOWN in the middle of the freaking island!!?? Ben immediatly puts our old friends Ethan and Goodwin to work, infiltrating the Losties and sarcastically asks Juliet if he's out of the book club.

The rest of the show drags from here. No just kidding! The show is Jack centric and we see a different side of jack we haven't seen before. A very insecure Jack starts his flashback by following his soon to be ex wife Sarah as she meets wtih someone...tring to find the man she is now involved with. He steals numbers off her cell phone to try and figure out who he is. At one point even believing his own father is having an affair with Sarah. Apparently Jack has issues with giving in to the fact that Sarah does not love ego driven Jack anymore. Jack awakens to find himself in a room of some sort that really is a cell with glass walls and a smiling Juliet on the other side. Juliet wants Jack to trust her and issue ladden Jack is having none of that. He attacks Juliet to try and escape only to find that he is underwater in the Hydra Hatch and there will be NO escaping any time soon. Juliet, who is armed with information on Jack and his whole life finally begins to wear Jack down and he finally lets go of Sarah and begins the process of trusting Juliet.

Kate awakens to a hot shower and a new dress compliments of Mr. Friendly (Tom) who tells an indignant Kate that she is not his type but HE is waiting. HE is Ben who has a lovely tent with food and a spectacular view of the ocean. As Kate is escorted to her seat, she is asked to put on the handcuffs and is told, in the second most jaw dropping scene of the night, that she was given the dress to feel pretty, the food and fork to feel civilized, and the view to feel comforted because the next 2 weeks are going to be very UNcomfortable! Yikes....somehow I get the feeling he really means it.

Sawyer awakens in a cage in what looks to be a zoo! He also has company in a cage across from his. This boy does not speak much but tries to warn Sawyer about hitting the food button. Sawyer being ,well, Sawyer just has to push the button again and gets the shock of his life, literally! It turns out the boy is pretty adept and picks the lock easily on he and Sawyers cages'. He tells Sawyer to go one way while he runs the other. Sawyer doesn't get far when out pops Juliet and nails him again! After being safely behind bars again...the boy is led to Sawyers cage and is made to apologize for getting him into trouble. Sawyer returns to monkey business trying to get the button to give him a treat and finally suceeds only to be told by Tom that the bears did it faster. :P Kate is eventually returned, to escapee artist's cell and Sawyer once again shows his soft side to Kate by throwing her the fish bisquit he won.

The show is off to a running start and looks in no hurry to slow down. Can't wait till next week!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lost - Premieres 10/4 at 9PM

Refugee Be Ware. On Wednesday October 4th We will become a Lost Website. So we will talk about what will be happening on the Lost TV show. For those refugees and others that have not seen the show due to any reason and do not want to have info leaked to them please notice the following paragraph.

**************SPOILER ALERT!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!************************

This is an official spoiler alert. The next posts will have information about each episode. If you do not want to see this information go directly to chat. This will continue on until season 3 is over with!

************SPOILER ALERT!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!************************

you have been warned....... ;)