Friday, December 29, 2006

Season Three, The Experience, The Lost Timeline, and the Return of Hagbard Celine

Welcome Back Refugees. It’s your old friends Lame_Sauce and Hagbard Celine. Season III has been on hiatus for some time now and in just a few months we will be moving into the next part. Its time that we explain our little theory on what the hell is going on and what it has to do with us.

So we bring to you the “Lost Timeline”

1980 – Alvar Hanso Starts the Dharma Initiative after learning of The Valenzetti Equation.

Sometime Between 1987 – 2000 – Thomas Mittlewerk gets the idea that the Dharma Initiative is failing and that something drastic must be done to save the human race.

2000 – Thomas Mittlewerk starts to take control of the Hanso Foundation to put forward his plan to change one of the factors in The Valenzetti Equation. Alvar Hanso starts to get wise to Mittlewerk’s actions and starts to make moves around the world to either run from Mittlewerk or to gain support and help in maintaining the control of the Foundation

“Alvar's last known public appearances in London (14.06.2000), Copenhagen (12.11.2000), Paris (23.02.2001), Geneva (12.07.2001), Rome (18.09.2001), back to Geneva and Copenhagen, then to somewhere off the map, then back to Copehnagen(01.01.2001),. His trip ends in Madrid(31.12.2002) on December 31, 2002”

2001 – Mittlewerk starts to collapse the Dharma Initiative and start an inside attack on the island by using former members of the Initiative loyal to him alone.

2002 – Thomas Mittlewerk gains complete control of the Hanso Foundation after removing Alvar from the board and placing him inside “house arrest”.

2003- Because of the control switch the island is divided amongst two loyalties. Those for Alvar Hanso and those for Thomas Mittlewerk both mentally and physically fight for control of the island and the future of the Dharma Initiative. The island becomes the central location for a Hanso Civil War. The “hostiles” take control of several of the hatches including the “Hydra” However the Initiatives most valuable hatch, the swan, remains under Hanso Control. Thanks to a military presents and intellect provided by Kelvin.

2004 – After trust issues and internal struggle in the swan station Kelvin ends up dead and the electromagnetic anomaly becomes to strong.

Oceanic Flight 815 has technical difficulties and turns around to land in Fiji. Being affected by a strong electromagnetic field it crashes on the island splitting the plane into two parts.

After a few months of isolation with the outside world the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 find themselves in the middle of the great island conflict.

Late 2004 – 2005 – “Lost”

Some time in 2005 – Rachel Blake is informed that Alvar Hanso is her Father.

2006 – Working for the Widmore corporation named Rachel finds out the truth about Alvar Hanso being over taken and Thomas Mittlewerks control of the foundation. Having a personal attachment to the take over Rachel decides that her father must be found.

The Hanso Foundation servers are hacked

A large internet push of resistance to the corruption of the Hanso Foundation allows “Rachel Blake” to make several rather disturbing and incriminating evidence against the Hanso Foundation’s Thomas Mittlewerk.

Through determination Rachel locates her father and provides proof that Thomas Mittlewerk is intending on ridding the world of 30% of the world’s population by distributing a virus engineered by the Hanso Foundation. However instead of being capture and brought to justice Thomas Mittlewerk eludes authorities and escapes with the Virus where to this day he works forward toward achieving his goal of changing one of the factors of the The Valenzetti Equation

That would be the theory in a nutshell. I am working toward updating the site with a fresh look. Your theories and ideas on what is actually going will be the subject of this website itself.

Until then be safe Refugees

Hagbard Celine


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hiya Kiddies!
I felt like posting so here it is...
When Lost returns in only 57 more days,
It's coming back to a new time slot, 10 pm!
Could this mean more sex and gratuitous ass shots of our Losties??
I certainly hope so!